The pro shop here at Broadway Lanes in comparison to the majority of shops across the country is small. So for our shop to compete in the bowling world, we found it necessary to be as prepared as possible for today's changing game. 

First, we saw it necessary to have our shop look "modern" for our customers, so in the summer of 1997 we remodeled. Slot wall was added to the entire shop, new carpeting, and new cupboards to our work space. The last — and most important — item we added was a Super System 2 drill press from Precision Bowling Products. This machine allows us to drill our equipment, especially oval thumbholes, as accurate as 10,000th of an inch. This is the same machine that is used on all the pro tours, and at most major bowling events across the US. If anyone travels to the ABC Nationals each year, check out the Brunswick booth.

In 1996, Brandon went to Long Island to attend the IBPSIA (International Bowling Pro Shop Instructors Association) school. Here he earned certification along with a select few pro shop operators including PBA Professional Patrick Allen.  The following year, this certification proved to be such a good tool to have that John and Sean traveled to Atlanta to receive their certification. We can now say that we have 3 operators in one shop that are registered and certified by IBPSIA.

Brandon Bickford

Sean Bickford